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Gillian Mary Hibbins’ biography:  Who’s Who of Australian Women

Bibliography - Lynedoch Publications and Gillian Hibbins:

Title: Associated Public Schools of Victoria Celebrating One Hundred Years 1908-2008
Author: Hibbins, Gillian (1936-)
Published: APS Sport, 2008
Description: Illustrated history of public school sport, pp. 48, limp cover
Subjects: Sporting history of each of the eleven public schools 1908 or 1958-2008. Additional essays include nineteenth century public school games, glorification of athleticism and the reaction, effect of war, the entry of five schools in 1957, the introduction of girls’ sport, the head of the river, professional and amateur influences.
Available: Available through Lynedoch Publications Pty Ltd., public schools

Title: Sport and racing in colonial Melbourne: The cousins and me: Colden Harrison, Tom Wills and William Hammersley 
Author: Hibbins, Gillian (1936-)
Published: Richmond, Vic. : Lynedoch Publications, 2007
Description: ix, 485p. : ill. ; 25cm. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies
ISBN: 0646469606 (hbk)
Notes: Being reminiscences of colonial sporting life in Melbourne 1856 - 1883 and biographies of Colden Harrison, Tom Wills, and William Hammersley as if written by William Hammersley (1826-1886) and included within a prologue, epilogue and two appendices by Gillian Hibbins. Includes end-notes, bibliographical references and index. Background to Goodes comment.
Subjects: Hammersley, William Josiah, 1826-1886. Wills, Thomas Wentworth, 1835-1880. Harrison, Henry Colden Antill, 1836-1929.
Cricket -- Victoria -- History.
Athletics -- Victoria -- History.
Australian football -- Victoria -- History.
Horse racing -- Victoria -- Melbourne -- History.
Sports -- Victoria -- Melbourne -- History.
Melbourne (Vic.) -- Social life and customs -- 1851-1891.
Available: Lynedoch Publications $A60

Title: A Short History of Collingwood
Author: Hibbins, Gillian (1936-)
Published: Collingwood Historical Society. Abbotsford, 1997
Description: Paperback, 80 pp, index, endnotes, illus, lists of mayors and town clerks
ISBN: 0 6646 30933 1
Notes: History of Collingwood from before it became a municipality in 1855 until it merged with the City of Yarra in 1994.
Subjects: Collingwood
Available: Collingwood Historical Society

Title: Barmah Chronicles
Author: Hibbins, Gillian (1936-)
Published: Lynedoch Publications, 1991
Description: 144 pp; map endpapers. illus. black and white, some  colour; limited number edition of 1000
ISBN: 0646 027 662
Notes: A collection of 70 maps, engravings, and photographs with accompanying explanatory text written by residents or visitors over the years and which illustrates the history of the largest red gum forest in Victoria, Australia.
Subjects: History of Barmah Forest - Aboriginal life, squatters, timber workers, rivermen, flora, fauna, forest industries.
Available: Lynedoch Publications $A50

Title: The Dynamic Forest: A History of Forestry and Forest Industries in Victoria
Author: Moulds, Francis Robert 
Published: Lynedoch Publications, 1991
Description: illus. endpaper maps, black and white plates, end-notes, index, d/w. 4 to. pp.234
ISBN: 0 646 06265 4
Notes: Dr. Francis Moulds was Commissioner of Forests and Chairman of the Forest Commission from 1869 to 1978
Subjects: History of Forestry in Victoria, Appendices of Ministers of Forests 1907-1920, Commissioners of the Forests Commission 1919-1983, Graduates of the Creswick School of Forestry, principal native tree species of Victoria
Available: Lynedoch Publications $A40

Title: Visitors Book 
Author: Janice Haynes (1936-) 
Published: Lynedoch Publications, 1990
Description: Hardcover  70 pp, illustrated endpapers; cover featuring ‘Welcome gate’ watercolour of Lucien Henry 
ISBN: 0 7316 2898 X
Notes: An elegant Visitors Book with pages for visitors’ names and comments 
Subjects: Nineteenth century engravings with the theme of hospitality (e.g. Going to the Picnic, Strawberries and Cream, A Box at the Pantomime, Arrival of Visitors from the Country) and quotations from Australian writers of the nineteenth century (e.g. “Great hospitality to strangers prevails throughout the colony and in travelling you are always a welcome guest at any respectable house.”)
Available: Lynedoch Publications $A20  Ideal for family reunions.

Title: Stands to Reason: A Guide to Argument
Author: Hibbins, Gillian (1936-)
Published: Pan Macmillan, Melbourne, 1989
Description: Limpback
ISBN: 0333 22959 2  1977 edition, 0 333 50267 1 fourth edition
Notes: The definitive secondary school clear thinking text for many years. The first edition, published in 1977, was reprinted five times in two years, the second revised edition of 1980 reprinted in 1981, the third revised edition six times between 1983 and 1988 and the fourth revised edition of 1989 was still selling in the early 1990s.
Subjects: Language of argument, cause and effect, definitions, generalisations, statistics and polling, analogy, assumptions, evidence and proof, spin, appraising sources, how to write an essay with a reasoned argument
Available: Out of print

Title: Running with the Ball: Football's Foster Father, being the Autobiography of H. C. A. Harrison 
Author: Henry Colden Harrison; edited Hibbins, Gillian (1936-),  Mancini, Anne (1935-)
Published: Lynedoch Publications, 1987
Description: 8vo - up to 9 ¾" tall - Octavo Black Boards VII, 200 pp.
ISBN: 0731604814
Notes: Family tree, acknowledgements, notes and references to preface and the 'Story of an Athlete', the 1859 Melbourne football club rules, index. Black and white illustrated frontispiece, showing a sketch of H. C. A. Harrison. Text illustrated with numerous black and white photographs, illustrations (some full-page and some double page), and cartoons. This book was first published under the title of The Story of an Athlete: A Picture of the Past. Photographic dustwrapper, showing an old cricket bat, football, cricket balls and sportsman's jersey on top of the Australian flag. The book has a Preface on Harrison's family origins and a detailed discussion of the origins of Australian Rules Football.
Subjects: Life of Henry Colden Antill Harrison, Cricket -- Victoria; Melbourne Cricket Club -- Footracing -- Australian football -- Victoria -- History. Sports -- Victoria -- Melbourne -- Overlanding, squatting, gold-digging
Available: Lynedoch Publications $A40

Title: Local history: a handbook for enthusiasts
Author: Hibbins, Gillian (1936-), Fahey, C. & Askew, M.R
Published: Allen & Unwin 1985
Description: Hardback, paperback, 149 pp
ISBN: 086861 756 3 hardback, 086861 764 4 paperback
Notes: Index, list of useful sources
Subjects: How to do local history research: land, people, buildings
Available: Out of print

Title: History of Springvale: Constellation of Communities
Author: Hibbins, Gillian (1936-)
Published: Published by the City of Springvale, 1984, Lothian Publishing
Description: Hardcover, maps, illus, index, bibliography, footnotes, pp267
ISBN: 0 85091 174 5
Notes: This book covers the area known as the City of Springvale before municipal boundaries were changed. Aboriginal life, squatters, landownership, railways and irrigation, local reactions to depression and war, post ww2 growth.
Subjects: Springvale, Noble Park, Dingley, Keysborough, Carrum Downs, Bangholme, Springvale Cemetery
Available: Out of print

Title: A History of the Nathalia Shire - The Good Helmsmen
Author: Hibbins, Gillian (1936-)
Published: The Hawthorn Press Pty Ltd, Melbourne, 1978
Description: Index, bibliography, some footnote  pp265
ISBN: I0 72560232 5
Notes: The Shire of Nathalia only existed in name from 1957 and this is the history of the area within those boundaries, going back to the days of the original Aboriginal inhabitants before white exploration and the arrival of the squatters and selectors. It covers the development of the town of Nathalia, and the struggles and progress of the surrounding farming communities. Written for the centenary of the town.
Subjects: Barmah, Bearii, Kaarimba, Kotupna, Nathalia, Picola, Waaia, Yielima
Available: Out of print

Title: The Cambridge Connection: The English Origins of Australian Rules Football
Author: Hibbins, Gillian (1936-)
Published: Frank Cass London
Description: 19pp; endnotes, 2 illustrations
ISBN: 0 7146 3398-4
Notes: International Journal of the History of Sport vol.6 September 1989 no 2  Republished as Chapter 5 in The Cultural Bond: Sport, Empire, Society ed. J.A. Mangan 1992 pp108-127
Subjects: Origin of Australian Rules Football in Melbourne and background of founders

Title: Chapter: The Father Figure in The Melbourne Football Club since 1858
Chapter author: Hibbins, Gillian (1936-)
Published: Geoff Slattery Publishing, 2008
Description: Illustrated history 216pp hard cover
ISBN: 97809803442007
Notes: Book traces history of the MFC from start to 2008.
Subjects: Henry Colden Harrison
Available: Available through Lynedoch Publications Pty Ltd.

Title: Chapter: Men of Purpose in The Australian Game of Football since 1858
Chapter author: Hibbins, Gillian (1936-)
Published: Geoff Slattery Publishing, 2008
Description: Illustrated history pp396 hard cover
ISBN: 9780980346664
Notes: Book traces Aussie football history from start to 2008 and includes champion players, fans, coaches, administrators, the media. Excellent illustrations.
Subjects: The founders of Australian Rules Football
Available: Available through Lynedoch Publications Pty Ltd.